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Vigilant brand fire alarm solutions offer a single-source for all your small to mid-size building life safety needs. In addition to powerful control panels, economical detectors, and innovative signals, Vigilant represents a full range of exquisitely-engineered input/output modules and accessories, as well as special-application products ideally suited to even the most demanding installations. Whether your installation is as simple as a single room, or as complex as an office building, the Vigilant product family has what you need to make the most of your life safety dollar. Thatís because each of our accessories have been designed to work in concert with one another and with our control panels. From hazardous location devices to control relays, from manual stations to batteries, you can rest assured that every Vigilant product meets high standards of quality and reliability. These strengths set Vigilant installations apart, and have earned this brand a special place among life safety and security solutions available today.

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FireShield Plus fire alarm control panels demonstrate that value doesnít have to come at the expense of quality, and that small building owners donít have to settle for second-rate fire protection. With FireShield Plus comes a full lineup of advanced features designed expressly for new and retrofit projects that cry out for simplicity, yet need state-of-the-art protection. These two attributes arenít mutually exclusive in a fire alarm control panel. At least not now. FireShield Plus takes the very best conventional fire alarm technology available today and blends it with features that benefit installers, contractors, building owners and occupants to provide an effective and economical solution for all small building needs. Building owners like FireShield Plusís price and the peace of mind that comes from knowing their property is protected by equipment engineered and manufactured by the same people responsible for fire protection in some of the most valuable buildings on the planet. For owners and occupants that same inherent reliability built into every Edwards fire alarm panel reduces the risk of nuisance alarms ó as well as the disruption to business and related expenses that result. With FireShield Plus there is no longer any reason to skimp on fire protection ó no matter how small the job is. Full-featured and flexible, FireShield Plus meets the individual needs of small building applications and leaves plenty of room to accommodate upgrades and renovations far into the future.


Quick setup, easy maintenance, and striking good looks makes V-Series the life safety system of choice for architects and building owners alike.You want to focus on your building, not its life safety system. The quick setup enjoyed by installers, coupled with the high efficiency gained by service and maintenance personnel makes the V-Series the best choice for building owners today. The inherent reliability of intelligent detection and the proven track record of Edwards life safety systems is your assurance that your V-Series control panel will slip quietly into the background the moment the installer leaves the site, and provide fully-compliant trouble-free service for years to come. Simple and intuitive front panel operation keeps your building personnel in full control of your V-Series system. They wonít find themselves scrambling for the manual as the system counts down to alarm. And they wonít have to call for service every time an electrical storm causes a power outage. V-Series represents life safety intelligence geared expressly for smaller applications that used to be the exclusive domain of conventional systems. With V-Series, you now have access to technology that a short time ago was beyond the reach of most small building budgets.


Vigilant VM Series represents the latest generation of life safety control panels for mid to large sized applications. With large multi-message displays, intuitive interfaces, and stylish contoured cabinets ó these systems capture the imagination, and catch the eye. But behind the LCD display is where they really shine. New TCP/IP-enabled microprocessors and chipsets take full advantage of the latest advances in computing technology, leading to smarter, faster, higher-capacity processing and more efficient designs. VM Seriesís patented Voltage Boost technology, for example, delivers constant voltage on NAC and AUX circuits Ė even at low battery power Ė resulting in lighter cable requirements and/ or longer runs. That saves time and money. High performance processing also leads to powerful networking features and versatile digital audio functionality. In fact, VM Series can handle jobs that range from a single stand-alone control panel, to a sophisticated network comprising as many as eight control panels processing data from up to 4,000 devices. High quality voice evacuation also delivers system design flexibility with scalable implementation from simple Place-of-Assembly capability right up to multi-channel operation for high-rise and campus applications. VM Series features three channels of integrated digital audio. Its optional paging control center includes a high quality paging microphone to which can be added a firefightersí telephone. VM Series makes all this new technology readily accessible with easy installation and maintenance. Electronic addressing means devices virtually install themselves, while intuitive installation and detailed diagnostic tools offer a clear and rapid path to flawless system operation.